Welcome to the Minerva Lodge 250 from Dean Marshall, Worshipful Master 2024 -2025


The Minerva Lodge was founded in September 1782 making it the oldest surviving Masonic Lodge in the City of Kingston upon Hull and the third oldest Lodge in the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings.

The Lodge originally met at the appropriately named 'Masons Arms' on Chapel Lane, Kingston upon Hull, and at first held the number of 451. In 1833 the number of the Lodge altered to 311 and then on the 6th July 1863 it was again changed to 250 and has stayed the same ever since.

In 1802 it moved to one of the first ever purpose built Masonic Lodges in the Province, where it still meets to this day; the Minerva Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Dagger Lane, Kingston upon Hull, which is now a Grade II listed Building.

​The City lies on the confluence of the River Hull and the Humber estuary, being a major trading port in the United Kingdom with a long seafaring tradition, this is reflected in the Lodge minutes and history.

The earlier Lodge records show that many of the Brethren were Master Mariners and not just from England, but from distant parts of the world, including America, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Tasmania to name a few. ​

The Goddess Minerva

The Roman goddess Minerva carried a spear and was often depicted clad in armour. She fought on behalf of just causes, and she was seen as a civilising influence; associated with wisdom and learning. According to legend, she was born fully grown and armed, springing from the head of Jupiter. Myths about her include a weaving competition with the human Arachne, whom she turned into a spider, her taming of Pegasus, the winged horse, turning Medusa into a monster, and inventing the flute. Her sacred creature was the owl. There is a statue of her, with spear in one hand and a light in the other, in the Red Room of the Lodge.

As goddess of poetry, medicine, commerce, the crafts, wisdom, courage, inspiration, justice, mathematics and science amongst other qualities, it is unsurprising that her name should be chosen for a Masonic Lodge. There is also a Minerva Lodge (number 300) in the Masonic Province of East Lancashire and another (number 4002) in Liverpool.

"Founded on our past, building on our future" 

Minerva Lodge is the mother Lodge of Sykes 1040, Alexandra 1511 and St Andrew 4683

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